Greenpeace: GREEN MY APPLE


Good afternoon. A little while ago Greenpeace launched a site campaigning for Apple to make their products more environmentally sustainable. I think it’s a very worthy effort. I’d love a Greener Apple, too! Take a look at the site: and write a letter to Steve. I’ve already sent mine.
Because 344 LOVES YOU (and the planet. :^)


  • Danielle
    18 April 2007 8:38 pm

    I sent my letter to Steve a couple of days ago, and I think it’s fantastic you’re posting something like this on your site. Green is my favorite color. :]

  • Jonathan
    19 April 2007 4:38 am

    The cause might be good, but the means aren’t. The Greenpeace ranking of companies is both narrow and skewed from actions to promises.
    Just look at the historical changes (in last 6 months) in the list. They fluctuate too much, Lenovo has gone in 6 months from the worst to the best and they *still* don’t ship any less toxins in their machines. Something stinks.
    I’m not trying to say Apple couldn’t do better but going specifically after Apple because of a narrow and skewed ranking is populistic and wrong. What do we get if Apple promises a timeframe for getting rid of toxins, not much, maybe some apologies along the way for not hitting the targets.

  • 19 April 2007 9:25 am

    You’re right on the substance, Jonathan. At the same time, I expect regular industry to do what they do, but Apple have positioned themselves as visionary leaders, so I expect them to lead and do better. The problem with the ranking is that it’s done on a curve, so Number 1 doesn’t equal good. What to do?

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