Good evening. And welcome to the brand new 344 blog on Typepad. After a few weeks of blogging on MySpace I felt that this might be a better platform, if only because it makes it easier for you to leave comments. I’ve moved all the MySpace posts here, so that we’re off to a running start. The only thing I couldn’t take with me were the great comments from Simon, Russell, Michele, and Coy.

I’ve now spent a couple of hours on lovingly implementing this upgrade. Why now? Why today? Because I have much more pressing things to do that I don’t want to do, of course. If they ever make an anti-procrastination pill, I’ll be first in line. Right after I finish this post. And this crossword puzzle. And do my laundry. And watch some M*A*S*H. Anyway, WELCOME!

I hope that somebody will be nice to you this weekend and that you’ll be nice to somebody, too. Either way you can rest assured that 344 LOVES YOU

How do you relax when you’re stressed out and still pressed for time?


  • 10 September 2006 6:31 pm

    Stefan, I’m glad you found a new virtual home that is much more pleasing, where you can put up some nice paintings on the wall and enjoy the monstery view.
    Lately, I started looking at other designer’s work, especially Build – http://www.designbybuild.com/ , while doing something myself. Thanks to the dial-up connection (with all the sounds) I have right now, it takes some time until the next piece is loaded. So I can look out of the window or nudge an object to its perfect coordinates during that time. Its very helpful if you apply tiny changes and write a PDF after each one to fill that time gap.

  • 11 September 2006 12:57 pm

    You and your advices!
    Now I stayed at the office workin until 10PM. I had the best work-related time in weeks! (Well, besides finally getting a big monitor.) I have no idea how to explain that to my parents :o)

  • 11 September 2006 3:44 pm

    Hi Simon. Does that mean you’re staying at work longer or are you going home earlier than you used to? Either way, I’m glad you’re having a good time! Buy your parents a copy of “Microserfs” by Douglas Coupland. I did and it explains a lot. (Gibts auch auf Deutsch. :^)

  • 12 September 2006 8:35 am

    Hey Stefan. You caught me on that one, haven’t thought about it like that. Well, yesterday I was staying way later than everybody else so I could finish a big bunch that day instead of postponing it until the next. Working in the evening, alone at a big nice office … it’s so nice :o) And it turned out well because everybody had to start something else. BTW, I’m doing an internship right now. So I went home and rocked on for my freelance gigs.
    The Microserfs, seems to be a nice book. I love the passage where the guys are concerned about their friend who locked himself up in his office. And they go out to buy some flat food to get it under his door.
    I gave my parents the article about staying up late by Michael Bierut and I think it changed a lot already.

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