Originally posted on September 1st, 2006

Phew! After an unhealthy, but unavoidable all-nighter, the 6th Ink & Circumstance column is finished. It’s titled TIME TO MOVE and will appear in the Nov/Dec issue of STEP Inside Design magazine. This installment deals with the emotional range of graphic design, or rather the lack thereof. A little teaser strip follows below. On top of that, work on the Tarsem end credits continues. Both the Writers and Directors Guilds have signed off, so we’re in business. In the nick of time, too. They need to get the print to Toronto for its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I got two hours of sleep yesterday. Not a schedule I react well to anymore. Luckily, today was a fairly mellow day, at long last. Not to overshare on the minutiae, but I had enough time to get a haircut and to clean my closet. This last one is a big deal for me. Lugging bag after bag of old papers, obsolete manuals, and just general pack rat stuff took over three hours, but I finally found the floor.

Cleaning the house always marks the end of a big work push and helps me order my mind a bit along the way—tending the inner Zen garden by reordering the shelves. What can I tell you? I’m deep. I hope that you’ll have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Throw a bratwurst on the barbecue for me. And remember: 344 LOVES YOU

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