Good morning. Sometimes these clips take 45 minutes to prepare. Other times the machine just refuses to do my bidding. Quicktime Pro is a great little tool, but there are certain things that it’s not really intended for. Today the audio just refused to synch up and I ended up fiddling about for six hours and now it’s 6.48 a.m. Ugh! Definitely not planned. But hey… that’s just how it goes and it had to get done.

It’s a simple creature today. I made it squint at you, too, but I ran out of memory on my camera without knowing it, so that particular little bit of Sharpie magic is lost in the ether. I hope you’ll still like this guy anyway. Judging by his attire, he has a job. Where do you think he works?

In other news, I signed up as an organ donor at the Donate Life California Registry, following the example of a good friend. I had put the little pink Organ Donor sticker on my driver’s license years ago, and I’ve had a talk about it with my parents. I made my Mom cry just by mentioning the subject back then (I’m sorry.), but I think donation is the way to go. I’m not bound by any religious edict to keep my body in one piece after I die. I’m agnostic, so while I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised, I’m not counting on life after death. I’m definitely hoping that I’ll get to stick around in this body for a good long while.

But once I do shuffle the mortal coil, I think it would be an awful waste to just put my body in a box and let it be destroyed. I like the idea that it’ll be put to great use, saving the lives of others.

But boy, having said all that, signing a legally binding contract for your organs online is an unsettling experience. For a moment, it makes your own death quite… real. And that’s not fun. I wish I could make these decisions… you know… after I die. “Yeah, now that I’m dead, I’d be happy to give my kidney to young Billy here. Sure thing. It’ll be my pleasure… Oh, I’m sorry, they’re boarding my flight. Gotta go!”

Sadly, that’s not how it works. So I’m freaked out, but I’m happy that I took care of some business that had to be taken care of. Hell, I made arrangements for the big Going Out Of Business Sale. Even my eyes are going, and I really, really like my eyes. (I am hanging on to my veins and skin, though—a decision motivated purely by vanity. I want to imagine that I could still look good for my funeral. ;^)

So there you go… something that goes a little bit beyond our regular Monster talk, but it’s been on my mind. I hope I haven’t creeped you out too much. As I said, I hope this is an arrangement that won’t take effect for a long, long time. Until then, and — one would hope — for many, many years to come, you can rest assured that 344 LOVES YOU


  • 30 November 2006 7:26 am

    I believe his name is Floogle-flawn. He is a floss salesman. And judging from his pearly white tusks, he samples the goods before selling them.

  • 30 November 2006 9:02 am

    I swear he is working in that dimly lit back room in our cartography department here at Rand McNally.

  • 30 November 2006 12:04 pm

    Thanks for posting these… Definetely an accountant somewhere.

  • 30 November 2006 12:10 pm

    This is most certainly a portrait of the guy who comes to fix our poorly built college home. He always has roots in his mouth from using special machinery to cut the roots out of our old broken drainage pipes. Healthy diet for this guy, but not the optimal dinner guest.

  • sue bebie
    6 April 2008 3:26 am

    Ich bin der Walrossboss gu gu ga tschu…
    Nein, ich will ihn wirklich nicht sehen meinen fleischlosen Diätteller!

  • james
    19 October 2008 9:52 pm

    a walrus in business attire… who knew!
    looks like its time to get a new tie there buddy…

  • 2 December 2008 12:28 pm

    Captain Hambo, his name shall be.
    And he is a nervous eater.
    He had an office job, but got fired after eating all the staplers.
    He actually reminds me of Jamie Hyneman from Mythubsters.

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