Good morning! and a special welcome to visitors coming over from oink.elrellano.com, home of the amazing Pork Player. (Who knew?) I hope you had a nice weekend and are ready to meet the new week with vigor. If it’s after 10.30 am where you are, that is. I don’t think anybody should do anything with any vigor whatsoever if it’s before 10.30. It’s just uncivilized. Let the common paper wasp be productive at 8 am. Let ambitious woodpeckers rat-tat-tat-tat at the crack of dawn. Opposable thumbs give us the right to start the day a little more slowly.

And a post-graduate degree gives Monster No.23 the right to call himself Doctor. But a doctor of what? What (presumably evil) experiment is he cooking up? Why does he need a cane? What are those spikes on the back of his neck for? Was he always this short? Or did his legs fall prey to an experiment gone wrong? Simon, Sam… I’m counting on you. And, Laura, what music should be playing when #23 enters the room?

Have a great day! I’m looking forward to seeing your comments! Even in the middle of the night, even before 10.30 am PST… 344 LOVES YOU

P.S.: Check out a YouTube Monster in response to the Daily Monster posted by Maik & Peter from Hannover (my favorite German town, and my birthplace, don’t you know). Pretty spiffy, meine Herren! Thank you for filming your creature for everybody! Has anybody else filmed a monster entering our dimension? Please send me a link to your video if you have and I’ll post a link to it here.


  • 11 December 2006 12:52 am

    sehr coole sache!
    is gebookmarkt! ich hoffe es gibt wirklich täglich ein monster anzuschaun! hähä

  • 11 December 2006 1:04 am

    Grüß Dich, Erik! Absolutely! There will be a new Monster ever day. Even on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • 11 December 2006 1:13 am

    we`ll hope so!
    blessed love (for your monsters)

  • 11 December 2006 1:29 am

    When Dr Hucklestein first went to college it was with a very different heart than the one he left with.
    It had started off as just high jinks student behaviour. No one can remember who had suggested it, but someone had, ‘Hey, I know, let’s get Hunchback Hucky drunk and swap his heart with Brutus’s. Brutus was the campus guard dog.
    Such are the minds of young medical students, that before you knew it pints of gin were being poured and the bedroom with the coats in it was being sterilised. Obviously the next morning it didn’t seem so funny to anyone, but what could they do?
    Much later while working with his good friend and old dorm mate Dr Frankenstein, Dr Hucklestein became interested in the use of electricity as a means of bringing life to inanimate objects.
    In the beginning they worked closely together on ways in which to harness the power of storms. But all that change one night when, after a hard day in the lab they got very drunk in the local tavern.
    The next morning, Dr Hucklestein woke with the mother of all hangovers. At first he thought that was why he wobbled. But weeks later – his hangover a distant shudder of regret – and he was still hobbling. And then there was that scar that went completely around the top of his leg, which he was sure hadn’t been there before? Plus now he needed a size 6 shoe on his left foot when in the past both feet had fitted snuggling into a size 8.
    When he asked Dr Frankenstein about that night, Dr Frankenstein refusing to hold his gaze said he new nothing.
    In the coming weeks tensions continued to build until it was impossible for either doctor to be in the same lab as one another, no matter how dark it was. It had a devastating effect on Dr Huckelstein, who finally left medical research altogether to set up a very successful dog food emporium.

  • 11 December 2006 3:01 am

    Hi, just one Q (could not find it anywhere): What’s the tools of the trade? What kind of equipment do you use to make these drawings? (paper, pen, ink – how do you make the “hair” and stuff? just pour ink on the paper and blow with a straw or something?)
    Anywhere on the net I could buy the tools?
    starting to love ya!

  • Andrew
    11 December 2006 3:01 am

    Hmmm… I don’t see enough uninhibited glee for no. 23 to be the sort of EEEEEville associated with genetic experimentation… and yet I don’t sense the vacancy that one often finds in doctors of public speaking… no no… 23 is an associate professor of Ornamentology. As all good ornamentologists know, ornamentology is the quintessential art and science of all things ever. If one unlocks the secrets of the ornaments, Tao, Tantra, Brahma and Java all fall into place… if only those blasted undergraduates would LISTEN!
    After years of giving spirited (albeit tangental) lectures for the Ornamentology 097 course at the Alabama Southeast Tech Community College in Wetumpka without a single student declaring an ornamentology major, good ole’ #23 just lost it. He’s been reduced to naming his cats after particularly troublesome students and screaming at them, day in and day out… poor sap…
    Oh… and I heard he don’t even need that damn cane… just an excuse to carry a whuppin’ stick…

    11 December 2006 7:02 am

    Every since Dr. Hucklestein’s falling out with good ole Dr. Frankenstein he hasnt been able to get “the scientist” by Coldplay out of his (rather large) head.

  • 11 December 2006 7:07 am

    Not fair Jon! I was going to ask that.
    So I will anyway. Mr. 344, it looks like you are using run of the mill Sharpies (my weapon of choice), but you are getting very good color out of them. Are they just regular Sharpies, or is it more the lighting?
    What is the angle we are seeing here? Is the camera perpendicular to the ground and you are drawing on an easel? Are you drawing on a flat surface and the camera is upside down? Just wondering.
    I like Dr Hucklestein here. I thought the cane was a gun at first and I saw him as a hitman.

  • 11 December 2006 7:26 am

    “I have more degrees than you,” Dr. Paul Freberwhelm is sometimes heard to utter. But a doctorate in Hematology seems to impress few from the drive-up window at Taco Bell, where he currently serves green onion-free pseudo Mexican cuisine to drunken frat boys on weekends. A job started to make some extra money for his mounting healthcare bills, Freberwhelm now wishes he didn’t know the many combinations of tortilla, meat, cheese and vegetables that can be accomplished here. The spindly hooks coming off of his back do come in handy for caulking sour cream and guacamole into special order nacho platters though. With his back going slowly down the tubes, his small cane is his only help to get him through the long days. Soon however, he will be completely bedridden. If only he had studied musculature instead of blood diseases, he might be able to walk again. You can see in his eyes though, that he’s planning something. Though his pleasant nature may give you the impression that he is an all around, “nice guy,” a darkness brews inside him. Soon, we will all know about Dr. Freberwhelm and his evil ways.

  • 11 December 2006 10:58 am

    Hey, you have been “oinked” by oink.elrellano.com!
    congratulations, your monsters are great!
    a monster that looks like a pig would also be great….

  • Andrew
    11 December 2006 11:59 am

    heh… I think Dr. Freberwhelm spit in my gordita, brah… tres uncalled for brosef…

  • 12 December 2006 4:29 am

    Hello Jon-Wilhelm. Hello mogabog. Thank you for checking in.
    Let me give you some answers to your tech questions: I use Yasutomo brand sumi ink, regular old Sharpie pens with fine and chisel tips, Faber-Castell PITT artist pens, Staedler HB pencils, and Tombo ABT Acid Free felt tip pens for color. I blow the ink with a fine cocktail straw.
    The camera (a Sony Cybershot DSC-P200) is in front of me, mounted on a small tabletop tripod. It’s tilted down towards the paper. Sometimes I draw rightside up and flip the image in Quicktime. Other times, I actually draw the Daily Monster upside down, so it appears in the correct orientation in the clip without any further processing.
    My lighting is pretty poor, so I usually amp up the brightness and contrast a bit in Quicktime.
    And that’s all there is to it.
    Now, Mogabog… you owe us a story. What’s the deal with this hitman here. Don’t hold out on us! Tell us his tale!

  • sue bebie
    8 April 2008 9:36 am

    Herr Stickelhuber befindet sich auf seinem allmorgendlichen Streifzug durch die heeren Hallen des Rüsselsheimer Altenasyls. Er ist immer auf der Lauer auf jemanden, vorzugsweise vom weiblichen Geschlecht, dem er eine lange Rede mit kurzem Sinn halten könnte. Die Pfleger wundern sich, dass keine ihrer Bewohner unter der im Alter üblichen senilen Bettflucht leiden. Wundert’s wen?
    Einzig Stickelhubers hohes Alter lässt auf ein absehbares Ende hoffen.

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