DAILY MONSTER 88 (of 100)

Good morning. How are you? I hope you’re either getting ready for Valentine’s Day (or bracing yourself to make it through the flowery assault.) As you can see, the Daily Monsters are embracing the day with gusto. If you’d like to ease into the proceedings a bit more gently, perhaps it’s best that you start off by reading the stories about yesterday’s non-romantic creature:


Monster 88 brought you flowers! Well… he brought you a flower. But it’s a nice one! Where do you think he got it? Doesn’t seem like the kind of flower you just pick up at the corner store. Do you think there was adventure involved in picking it? And where is 88 off to next? I hope you’ll share with us your stories of romance and intrigue. I know you always do:


I hope that Valentine’s day won’t cause you too much stress and that you’ll have a nice day. Of course, I’ll have another valentine’s Monster for you on the day itself tomorrow, but I thought I’d give you this one a day early, in case you’d like to send it to somebody you like. Because nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a three-legged monster and nothing says 344 LOVES YOU like 344 LOVES YOU


  • 13 February 2007 3:01 am

    We’re feeling the effects of the Psychotropic Bellis perennis. It puts off a trippy pollen once picked, causing it to appear in motion. Chaz seems pretty pleased with his perennial selection.
    Dude, I just totally saw him walk off the page. I think the flower is working.
    Nice pink background. Very Valentiney!

  • Inanna
    13 February 2007 7:57 am

    He just rang my bell! I was so hoping he had my address. *S*
    ‘Course, I’m afraid to answer. If he just leaves the flower, it’ll be a happy day for me.

  • 13 February 2007 10:07 am

    The flower that Henry holds in his hand is like something out of a childhood fairy tale; It doubles and a lollipop! Henry’s girlfriend’s name is Henrietta. Her favorite color is red and she’ll love Henry’s Lolliflower gift very much. Henry is a sailor and had to sail to the nearest moon to even find such a rare commodity. He lost his hat in the process of picking the perfect Lolliflower, too. A vagabond were-crow snatched it from his head and placed it on her own hairy / feathery skull, thinking she looked as dapper and attractive as a real sailor like Henry. Ol’ sailor boy must be giving it to Henrietta today and not Valentine’s Day because Lolliflowers do not last long without their roots (which are miles long). Rumor has it that Henry has to go to an old, decrepit moon light-years from where he and Henrietta reside. It makes sense that he gives it to her today when you look at it that way.
    Whoever said Valentine’s Day Eve can’t be just as romantic as Valentine’s Day?

  • ching
    13 February 2007 10:21 am

    Riveting, I just discovered you by a complete accident of fortune!!! I think you are channeling some Suess here. I love them all and I think I’ve only seen a third or so. I love to watch the upsidedown lettering as much as the creative process of monstering. Thanks for sharing, I have a new morning ritual, coffee and a monster.
    Monsters are fat free, aren’t they??

  • 13 February 2007 2:23 pm

    That’s one snazzy outfit Monster 88 has got on, or, as his sweetheart calls him: Mr. Weatherbee. Clearly, he was swept off his feet right out of the paper by the sight of his better monster-half (PERHAPS WE WILL SEE THIS BEAUTY TOMORROW?! hint hint…)

  • ching
    13 February 2007 3:50 pm

    creepy how my post has someone else’s name on it and my name is on the next post. I am SO not electronically gifted.

  • 13 February 2007 5:01 pm

    Zigmund remained unafraid of all They said the future held as long as his supply of loliflurs did not run out.

  • Alfred J Bildungsroman
    13 February 2007 6:33 pm

    Gosh. That’s just what I look like.

  • monsterfan
    13 February 2007 6:46 pm

    While Sam B’s explanation seems to be right on target, in a corresponding alternate universe, another explanation is equally true.
    Yes, you guessed it, the lollipop flower is a key which monsters use to travel from one universe to the next.
    As every monster knows, the planes between universes are slanted, so what you are seeing here is a monster — scientifically known as Trileggius Grinippius (a.k.a. the Three-Legged Grinner) — just beginning his slide from the monster universe into the human realm.
    This particular Trileggius is named Wilbur, and his tail is wiggling with excitement because he is entering this universe to visit his girlfriend, who has already traveled here. She is also a Trileggius (her name is Angelica), and she has promised him some Monster Love.

  • 13 February 2007 9:14 pm

    Marten the monster found true love one day but he didn’t know it until it was too late.
    Desconsolatly he stood, flower held delicately in his long monster fingers, and picked off the petals one by one.
    “She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not…”
    When he had finished, the flower blinked at him sadly and finished his mantra:
    “She loves you, but alive she’s not.”
    And with that, she wilted in his hands.

  • 13 February 2007 11:14 pm

    Hey! That’s the first time ever (I am pretty darn sure) that we’ve seen the monster (or at least part of the monster) being drawn upside down – from YOUR perspective! Usually when you draw it upside down we’re looking at it rightside up.
    So it’s all rightside up with this dandy, and it’s all relative, and he’s on the go with his redlight candyflower. Which doubles as his monster translator. He’s an embassador from the Planet of Love. Which is also known as Mars. And males are from Mars, ya know…he’s going to visit the monsters on Venus. Which are female, ya know. Hence the candyflower/translator. Smart fellow, he.
    We all look pretty in pink here. Wonderful, Stefan. Thank you! And thanks everyone for the fodder – delicious stories.

  • 13 February 2007 11:41 pm

    Stewart bravely traversed the high, stone wall and landed safely in the lush bushes and grass below. He slinked through some of the finest floral patterns one could ever experience. He’d heard rumors of this exquisite garden. None of them were unfounded. Except for all the horror stories about what happens to those who entered. Through thousands of varieties, he spied the flower perfect for his Pricilla and promptly plucked it before making his way back for the wall. There was a small incline in front, so he took some steps back and used the momentum to make a leap for the top. Success! Once on the other side, he brushed off some dust on his sleeve and set off for his beloved. Surely, her beauty would be complimented by such a flower as this. She was the most radiant person he’d ever met, much like this flower was the most radiant in the garden — almost calling to him.
    As he made his way down the path, away from the garden, he noticed a cloaked figure emerge from the gates of the garden. Nervous, Stewart crossed to the other side as he continued forth. However, the figure crossed over as well. Stewart stopped immediately and decided to confront the individual. “May I help you?” he called out, but no reply came. He thought it best to keep going, as though nothing was the matter. It was just a flower. Yes, he trespassed, but for good cause, and it was just a flower. He came closer to the figure yet was still unable to make out the individual’s face due to the cloak’s hood. A hand raised out to instruct Stewart to stop and he did so.
    “I only took it for my Pricilla! No other flowers in the world are worthy of her! These are so amazing. I know it was wrong. Forgive me. Let me pass to give her this gift and I will do anything to repay you.” Stewart was more than frightened now. He had no idea who stood before him, nor what their intentions were.
    Pricilla took down her hood and stepped toward Stewart, her hand extended to take the flower. “Silly Stewart. You stole my own flower to give to me. Of course they are beautiful. I treat each and every one as a tender child, raising them to be the best in the world. To be sure, however, you’ve taken from the very batch I was growing since I met you. It’s a rare Soul Blossom. If your true beloved picks it amongst all others, you are meant to be. You’ve much more than a flower from my garden in your hand, my love.”

  • ching
    14 February 2007 4:58 am

    I figured it out. I am mortified beyond belief. Can’t wait for the Love Monster on this hump day holiday.
    I have my coffee and pastry, alas no monster yet this morning in CST. Happy Valentines Day to all of you.

  • stacy
    14 February 2007 9:01 am

    I totally am addicted to your daily monsters. I even went home and tried your technique to create my own monsters (I dont think I have the right supplies though, so I will leave it to the master).
    Are there only going to be 100 monsters total?

  • Sue Bebie
    7 May 2008 4:05 am

    Dräh di ned um o o o
    Hypno der Sör geht um o o o
    Auch Monstern mit hypnotischen Fähigkeiten soll soll es nicht verwehrt bleiben Valentinsblumen zu überbringen.
    Valentino, hypnotisch angezogen von den 344 Kreisen, taucht ein in die runde Welt, reisst Kreis um Kreis heraus,
    formt eine Hypno-Blume draus
    und spricht:
    344 spürst du es…

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