Good morning. How are you? How’s the week been for you so far? Is it me or are they going by particularly fast right now? (You kids today with your fast moving time! Why, back in my day the week had 168 hours that felt like 169!) Yesterday’s Housing and Urban Development monsters inspired some excellent stories. Please take a look:


I hope that today’s installment will spark your thoughts once again:

Who are these two? Both fish and fowl? What place are they flying (or swimming) over? Where are they headed ? What’s going on overhead? Inquiring minds want to know. If you can sneak a few minutes, please click the banner and…


Thursday is always a good day!
I hope this one will be fun for you, too!
If nothing else, you know that 344 LOVES YOU


  • GristleBean
    7 February 2008 2:23 am

    Parasite-friendlies enjoy rooftop views as much as anyone. They never forget their perspective as they soar over tenant and occupant nestled deep in their efficiencies. They know symbiotic relationships between flight and city-life, parasite and host, and breakfast cereal and milk. The parasite asks the all-too-understanding bird its preference for an in-flight cocktail, as its making one for itself, and it would be rude to not oblige the host. The bird shakes its head glumly. It’s the designated flyer.

  • 7 February 2008 3:44 pm

    Even when I don’t have time or inclination to think of a story, I like to check in just to see if GristleBean has written something. *S* Your stories are so creative and humorous. Thx for giving me smiles on grey, grey winter days.

  • GristleBean
    7 February 2008 4:08 pm

    Everyone’s got the glums-and-sicklies. No prob, thank Stefan!

  • Susan Bebié
    8 February 2008 6:20 am

    they are having a long trip over the ocean, flying over freestone m-headquarters-back office, to see, what’s going on there.
    the little one has to pay attention, because it’s not a real fowl. it only has a fowls driving power. for a little fish in the air, is that not enough safety. it should better has a good fragrance. unfortunatly it smells a little bit fishy. mh, heron like that.
    thats the reason why the little holds the big fishs hand.

  • James Hardaker
    8 February 2008 3:08 pm

    This was originally a cruise missile launched during the Gulf War of the early 1990s. Its guidance system malfunctioned, and it went into orbit high above our world. Bombarded by space radiation, it mutated into the delightful creature we see in front of us today, and has now come back down into our atmosphere. It will most likely fly over us a couple of times to see whether it wants to settle down and make a life for itself, or seek out another planet elsewhere in the cosmos.

  • Sue Bebie
    11 July 2008 7:27 am

    Nicht übel für fliegende Fische, eine Städtesilhouette einfach so zu überfliegen!
    Er ist im Trainingslager, der kleine Stöpsel. Seine Eltern wollen unbedingt ihren hauseigenen Champion. Deshalb gibts nur Eines, frühkindliche Förderung bis zum Umfallen. Ob der Kleine jemals ein normales Fischleben, wie alle anderen fliegenden Fische führen darf, weiss der Neptun. Jetzt auf alle Fälle wird geübt, geübt für den grossen Wettbewerb: “Wer ist der Fliegende Fisch, der am Höchsten fliegt?”.

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