Daily Monster X-054

This Monster needs a story. Can you help?



  • Katy Whitman
    11 January 2017 9:08 pm

    This monster wants to prance down the halls, showing off its grace, and its new red-bottomed high heel shoes. But unfortunately it has tripped on a small rock that had been painted to match the floor (who did that????), and is in the process of flying down a flight of stairs. Luckily this monster has a particularly ample booty and will bounce safely into the landing.

    • 12 January 2017 4:57 am

      Thanks be to the padded booty! I took so many spills down the stairs when I was growing half a foot every other month. It HURTS! As for the painted stone… I didn’t do it. You didn’t see me do it! You can’t prove anything!

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