Good morning again. I noticed that I have yet to show you the new monster I did for the current edition of DYNAMIC GRAPHICS Magazine. Long-time friend of the monsters Sam Berkes happens to be the art director at DG, and I know the rest of the crew from the STEP 100 judging. (DG and STEP are sister publications.) So when Sam asked me if I’d like to make a monster for their “Color On Call” column, I didn’t hesitate. The resulting monster happened somewhere around Daily Monster 80 and well predates the New York Magazine piece. As such, this is the very first monster that’s appeared in print. Which is kind of cool. (To me, anyway. :^) In honor of our man Sam I’ve named this one B-MAS. Have a look:


In other news, I just finished eight brand new monsters for the online gallery Art For Empty Walls. The show will go online on May 1st and it’ll be the first time I’ve put any of the monster drawings on sale. I’ll post the link again as we get closer to the show. If you’d like to own an original Monster, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. Save the date.

For now, it’s time for me to close up shop for the night.
I hope you’ll have a great day. Do keep in mind, please, that 344 LOVES YOU

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