Good morning. How are you? As I’m getting ready for my trip to DC, I have to take a few minutes to show you a new surprise. A few days ago I got an e-mail from art teacher Melanie Eaton. Here’s what she had to say:

This year I have been given a brand new Art and Technology building — I’m a very lucky Art teacher — but there was a lot of blank and boring wall space. I felt that a few monsters would be just the ticket for sprucing the place up. I figured that the monsters on my walls might help inspire my monsters that come to lessons every day!

And I was right. My kids love them! I hope you like them too. I picked some of my favorite monsters from your blog and painted them up large scale with paint brushes and pencils in hand. We also do textiles, cooking and woodwork in the building so some monsters are ready to cook and sew and build. They are all there ready to welcome the students as they enter the building.

So, that’s pretty awesome right there, isn’t it? But then you think “Wait! Who gets a new arts building when most schools can’t even afford art classes anymore? Well, this school happens to be in in Qatar. There’s all kinds of nifty architecture both ancient and modern in Qatar, and the funding for such things. And now they have Monsters. How wild is that?
What’s that? You want photographic proof? 
Melanie’s got us covered. Check it out:


The D.T. stands for Design & Technology.


Pretty nifty, isn’t it? These paintings are just excellent, I think. I really like that Melanie put the Monsters to work — and her students, too. I hope that the creatures will do their job as creative guardians of the school. Inspiration clearly isn’t a problem.

Thank you for all this, from the idea to the paintings to the photos, Melanie. What a brilliant surprise! Much love from California to you and your students! And to you all, y’all, a good night from me, and a reminder that 344 LOVES YOU


  • 18 February 2009 7:09 am

    It’s about time these guys got put to work. *S* What a great job she did!
    Hip, Hip, Melanie!

  • 18 February 2009 12:12 pm

    What a dream school that looks to be! Gah! If only something like that were available here! I would teach there faster than I could pack.

  • Mel's Mum
    19 February 2009 12:23 pm

    Isn’t she wonderful! (Not biased at all – see my name 😉 ) She’s such an inspirational teacher that at her last school, a student did an assignment she set in Art History and he wasn’t even in her class. He happened to have a study period and visited her class instead. I’ve never had someone attend my class who wasn’t meant to be there and I have a job getting the monsters who are supposed to do the work to hand in assignments. Still, we love all our monsters, don’t we!

  • 23 February 2009 3:38 pm

    Obviously the monsters are fans of teaching, be it in the schools or on the television — what a great job she did!

  • kevin schipper
    13 March 2009 3:42 pm

    are this your worker
    #1 fan kevin

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