Good evening. Happy Valentine’s Day. How are you? In the company of somebody special, perhaps, and reading this not right as it appears. (Reading blogs — even this one — seems to fall a bit short of a romantic thing to do together.) Or perhaps you’re in the company of your own fabulous self, and perfectly content. Either way, thank you for checking in. This is a quick sidebar to show you a surprise from last week’s Los Angeles Times Magazine.

Most of the time I know when I’ll have some of my work in the paper, because I have to send materials, but in this case the piece just appeared. I didn’t know about it until my friend Terry at Sknitter tipped me off. Turns out that the L.A. Times Magazine ran a section on their 50 favorite movie titles last Sunday, and wouldn’t you know it — right there, mixed in with Saul Bass, and Robert Brownjohn, and Pablo Ferro — there’s the title sequence to The Fall. 

Which the people at the Times very generously credited to me, though all I did was design and position the logo and the typography. Tarsem, of course, created the entire sequence, from idea to shooting, to music choice, and editing. And my friend John Waters at Atomic Zoo made the type move in the environment to make it look like it had always been there. If you like, take a look at the article about the sequence at The Art of the Title Sequence. In the meantime, here are a few photos and page scans:





Thank you to Cary Georges, Hansen Smith, and Thom Meredith at the Magazine for putting The Fall in such illustrious company! So cool! And to you, 
be it on Valentine’s Day or any other un-pink-hearted day, 
you gotta know that 344 LOVES YOU

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