Daily Monster X-003

Is it a case of the Mondays? A case of the Trumps? Or something completely different? Daily Monster 3 is clearly preoccupied… What do you think is happening here? Please join me for another two minutes of peace and quiet to start the week. And as always, please let me know what you think:


  • Katy Whitman
    22 November 2016 11:30 am

    Albert is preoccupied with finding his sense of purpose. His telescopic sight is failing him this day. As he tries to focus his eye repeatedly the circles within grow and shrink. Will he succeed????

    • 22 November 2016 7:42 pm

      Katy! Welcome back! And thank you for speculating about poor Albert… maybe he needs telescopic bifocals? Existential bifocals? I think I do. Maybe I need to draw him an optometrist buddy. :^)

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