Good morning. Has the week been good to you so far? I hope so! It’s great to be back in the monstrous swing of things and to see your stories appearing on the blog again! Thank you so much for sticking with me! I hope you’ll enjoy the second Weekly Monster video. May it spawn some fun stories in turn! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Why? Because 344 LOVES YOU


  • 16 May 2007 3:16 pm

    Very nice. I really like the sound of the markers…keep up the great work.

  • wednesday
    16 May 2007 7:09 pm

    gerald wasn’t a very bright fellow and when he heard Boscov’s Online was giving away free marzipan he quickly rushed out the door forgetting to put on his pants.

  • Genevieve
    17 May 2007 3:32 pm

    OH!!!! I was so hoping for him to do a few “Rocket kicks”… I swore it was going to happen… but he just ran off….. sad… so sad…
    Much love to 344! Mwah!

  • Danielle
    17 May 2007 4:01 pm

    Bartholomew was regretting his purchase in Rogaine. It didn’t work on his hair at all, but it inflated his head quite well. Oh great, as if he wasn’t already called Airhead. The space in his head may have gotten to him though, for he immediately sprang off to chase the kitten down the street. A wig?

  • Shoshana (Rose)
    18 May 2007 7:02 am

    Mister Lucky Leroy Grace,
    No matter what he did, he got first place.
    Be it in spelling bees, races, or any board game,
    If you wanted a winner, Leroy was the name.
    Now, as you can imagine, this went to his head,
    and so the next day, when he arose from his bed,
    he saw his cranium had greatly swelled!
    But Leroy just grinned, as if all was well.
    “How lucky I am!” He chirped with glee,
    “Now everyone all over will notice me,
    and they’ll all clap and scream with joy!”
    Oh, you couldn’t be more wrong Leroy.
    People laughed as soon as he stepped out his door
    they laughed until they fell on the floor,
    But did Leroy notice? Not at all!
    He just grinned and skipped off to the mall.
    The moral of the story? Don’t care what people think of you.
    We missed you 344! 😀

  • 19 May 2007 11:52 pm

    Since Mustafah has very tippy toes, and there is a big patch of tulips just beyond…..

  • 18 March 2008 10:47 pm

    The star of the show. The king of the ring. The host with the most. Gerald is all these things and more. No other entertainer puts as much on the line for the public as Gerald and none ever will. Flipping, jumping, skipping, prancing, singing, shouting – he does it all and with the biggest smile you’ll never see. Such is the life of the star performer of Falgert’s Fabulous Flea Circus.

  • Sue Bebie
    22 May 2008 8:33 am

    Wegen seiner ausgeprägten exhibitionistischen Veranlagung liebt er es, sich auf sonnengebräunten Glatzen, polierten Fleischkappen oder auch auf mönchischen Tonsuren niederzulassen. Er ist gierig darauf bedacht, seine Saugaktionen in aller Öffentlichkeit durchzuführen.
    Bei besonderen Hungerattacken ist er im dichten Gedränge alternder Stones Fans anzutreffen. Da sind seine akrobatischen Sprungeinlagen der geringen Distanzen wegen völlig gefahrlos und es gibt viel, viel zu schlürfen. Oft begibt er sich an Vernissagen und Auktionen; beste Aussicht auf die Kunst, edel riechende Köpfe und einige exquisite Schlückchen obendrein.

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