Good morning. Monster fan Matthew Colclough just made a very cool Monster Tribute, complete with upside down reverse writing and everything! You gotta check it out:

And here’s another nice one from Valentin:

I hope you’re all set for a great weekend!
New things are in the works. See you again soon!
Please don’t forget that 344 LOVES YOU


  • 9 June 2008 7:13 am

    Wow those monsters are really good! I might have to find a way to record some of my open source monsters!

  • 9 June 2008 11:06 am

    Wow! Very impressive! I really like those monsters! I don’t think I can draw upside down like this!

  • 17 June 2008 7:18 am

    thanks for featuring this, stefan! youtube says i’ve had over 500 views on this video in less than two weeks, which is the best any of my videos have ever done – i’m sure it’s helped a lot having it on here!
    and once again, thank you for drawing your own wonderful monsters, and inspiring me to do this in the first place!
    – matt, the colclough

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