UK BOOK REVIEW (Indie Style)

Good morning. How are you? I just stumbled across this review of the monster book by ben23speed. Looks like it was shot on a cell phone. It’s oddly fascinating. Maybe only to me as the author, but the idea that somebody would take the trouble to post a video book review on YouTube — that’s very cool. It seems so… modern.

If any of you should feel the urge to film something about the monsters, please don’t hesitate. Maybe there’s a song in you? Or you feel like finding out how the monsters react to Diet Coke and Mentos? Maybe you want to make a movie trailer? Send me a link and I’ll post the videos here. But only if you have time. No pressure. Because, as you know, 344 LOVES YOU

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  • yi shun
    8 July 2008 6:33 am

    this is great news, but why is the video screen swimming? i can’t watch it; i get vertigo. 🙁

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